Desk dating

But with dating (especially online dating) it’s not just about physical appearance – it’s about getting a grasp of that person’s entire aesthetic. Are they posing with a group of friends or with their six cats? Thankfully, one nice headshot or image of you at work will suffice on your portfolio. Your work can speak for itself and it shouldn’t matter what you look like.

But a photo gives a human warmth to your portfolio.

If you feel like you’re faking it in the meantime, read this.

Considering the fact that several dating apps consist solely of people swiping yes or no on other people’s faces, it’s hard to deny looks matter.

"The most important page on your portfolio" People may be superficial, but it’s likely your work they’re going to see first on your portfolio – not an image of you.

Whatever you choose to lead with on your portfolio, that first glance is crucial.

We aim to build intrigue, to reel them in and keep them coming back for more. (Kidding, that’s literally all I have to offer on the subject.) My main point here is this: While we can get caught up in the art of designing our portfolio, it really all comes down to the two humans on each side of the screen.

And with that I don’t mean how you look, but the way you communicate, the way you present your thinking and your work ethic. After all, when we hire someone we’re also considering that we will spend 8 hours everyday with them. Getting hired is as much about you as it is about your work, because your work is about you.

It puts a face to the name and gives your potential clients or employers a sense of who you are.

It helps them imagine what it might be like to work with you.

I know how hard it is, because who actually feels confident about themselves all the times?

Confidence builds naturally when you work hard and choose to be kind to yourself.

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