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So, should disaster strike, most denture wearers have no option than to walk around embarrassingly gap-toothed, resorting to eating baby food until the replacement is ready.

But a new Italian denture-making technique could mean end to the worry of being caught toothless.

Most famous of all is the mysterious case back in the 1920s of a full set of false teeth found buried in a blancmange at the Queen's garden party. Less amusing, though, is managing without one's gnashers should one suffer the misfortune of losing them.

Contact lens wearers usually have a pair of spectacles to fall back on, no matter how much they hate wearing them. Buying dentures has always been a lengthy, uncomfortable process involving two or three dental appointments and costing as much as pounds 500.

Ordering a spare set later on would involve a whole new fitting because the shape of the mouth changes; it is hardly surprising, given the cost and discomfort, that most denture wearers tend not to bother with a replacement set.

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(What is the point of having false teeth if you can’t even use them?

If your dentist has recommended the transition to either partial or full dentures, educate yourself about the expectations to avoid unpleasant surprises. Answer: Your concerns and fears are warranted, however millions of Americans are able to comfortably wear and use dentures every day without any one knowing.

Common questions regarding dentures include: I’m finally going in for a fitting for partial dentures, I’m worried about what I will sound like speaking, and experiencing any embarrassing slips when eating. With advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, today’s dentures fit better, look more natural and are far more functional than outdated dental apparatuses from the past.

When was the last time you were able to bite into a crisp apple, or dig into a juicy steak?

If you wear dentures, then you probably can’t recall what a lot of your favourite foods even taste like.

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