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Therefore, attend this next ancient prophecy well, for it speaks about "the gates of the North" (and Norway, along with Russia, is certainly one of the best countries to associate with the North), and what will come though the northern portal.

Remember, Norway is only across the North Sea from where CERN operates.

Not since 9/11 in 2001 and the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005 had there been so much traffic, nor has there been ever since.

Three people had been reported injured as a result of the quake, police told CNN, while a tsunami advisory was still in effect for Japan's Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures at 11 a.m. The earthquake struck in the same area as the devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake in 2011 -- one of the worst ever to hit Japan -- which killed more than 20,000 people and triggered a meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant."It is much smaller in magnitude and energy release than the 9.0-magnitude that occurred in March of 2011 ...

Please evacuate to high grounds," the network said.

"Please think about the worst-case scenario and evacuate right away."Doors started to swing on cabinets and sliding doors started to move.

we can expect to see aftershocks for the next several days (but) it's hard to predict," she said.

Tuesday's quake struck 37 kilometers (23 miles) east-southeast of Namie at a depth of 11.4 kilometers (7 miles).

If Edgar Cayce's vision of most of Japan going into the sea is ever going to happen due to natural earth changes events (and not due to an extraordinary cosmic agent like Planet X), it will require more than a large earthquake and tsunami to accomplish this feat.Was the spiralling light in the sky a portal of some type ... There is a prophecy concerning "the North" where the last of the creatures we shall discuss manage to break through in large numbers ...and it would appear that a few of these creatures have appeared in our space and time already.The whole earth will be terrified at the sight of them; men will be afraid and flee in terror to hide themselves in mountains and caves and graves.They will die of fright and very many will be wasted with fear. The tribes which will go forth from the North will eat the flesh of men and will drink the blood of beasts like water.

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