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When his sister tells him she's a dog, he doesn't believe her so asks her, but she tells him she's a werewolf.

Justin says he doesn't care, and kisses her but she reveals when you kiss a werewolf, you become a werewolf so Justin and Isabella run into the forest together.

When shot with Cupid's arrow, Justin falls for Harper Finkle, and they begin dating but it soon wears off and they go back to being friends.

Austin) continuing to compete to become the leading wizard in their family.

Also starring in the series are Maria Canals Barrera and David De Luise as their parents, Theresa and Jerry, and Jennifer Stone as Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle.

After Tutor's finished teaching Max, she can't come back anymore so they have to break up, but Justin realizes he was only drawn to her as she's half-elf. When Justin gets pulled away from their date as he has to get his picture taken for winning the competition, London sees him and says he looks exactly like her date. When the Van Heusen family open a sandwich shop right next to the Sub Station, they begin to lose business.

They send Justin over as a spy, but he meets Juliet Van Heusen, the owner's daughter, and falls for her.

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