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Online dating is the second most popular way to meet partners for heterosexual couples and, by far, the most popular form of dating for homosexual partners.“There was one woman who got scammed for over a million dollars, her whole retirement nest egg,” says Farquhar.

If you are asked to send money and feel so inclined, run the whole scenario by someone you trust.(It is estimated that only 15 percent of fraud victims report their losses to law enforcement, so the real numbers are probably higher.) As one result, fear of a horrible first date is just one of the things a would-be online dater has to worry about.

) – stepping out here as a fantastically strong lead artist of his own, with help from a few key guests as well!

The set's both a showcase for Kon's own music, and his ability to handle the grooves of others – sometimes with extra mixing skill, sometimes just through his own ability to reach out and bring great sounds together – as he did with his previous collections!

Rhythms are damn funky at the core – with almost a blacksploitation vibe at times – and the tracks are all quite long, with most of the real "voice" coming from the saxes, which speak volumes on their solos.

Titles include "Shine The Ladies", "Love Me For Real", "I'm Not Going To Let You", "Peace Of Mind", and "I'm A Song Writer".

Titles include "I'll Make You A Queen", "Vamanos/No charity needed here – as reedman Eji Oyewole's got a wealth of talent on his own!

Today, more than one-third of marriages begin online.If you like flirting, teasing and expressing your wild side, you are going to love these phone sex lines.Unlike traditional chat lines in which the moderator’s job is to keep the line clean, everything goes these hot and naughty lines.Myrick's drums are great – as powerful a force in leadership as Art Blakey with the Messengers – and all tracks are nice and long, and all originals too.The groove is soaring, modal, and very soulful – and titles include "Sevenths", "Paramour", "Scorpio's Child", and "The Latin Bit".

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