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About the author Ever since he was a teenager Aleksej has been fascinated by the way the truth about mankind's intentions and motivations can be determined by small signs and omens. He has therefore written a book about those secrets that every person would love to know most.

Love, fate and happiness - the answers are all staring us in the face we just need to be able to read and interpret them.

If you cannot afford such an opportunity, create a different one instead.

Internet is an option, though not as magic as described by dating site advertisers.

If you waste your soul for wrong people, you do not attract the Big Love, because you are empty and nothing can work in you as a magnet.

It is a very important condition: while being socially active and open, you should save your time and thoughts for the one.

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She is eager to play the game of football, but she has a lot of opposition in her way.Bel-U recommends a philosophic fairy tale about love and secrets - Janka from the Great Kingdom, written by Aleksej Nareiko. About the book Curious legends of a certain kingdom propel young Janka on an unusual journey.He seeks love and inquisitively follows every cue and prompt in order to fill his life with light.All of your energy needs to be directed to your goal. It is also vital that your everyday should be happy.Mentally, you should focus rather on happy living, than on results or failures.

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