Dating vision statements

The Maccabees were Jewish resistance fighters who refused to abandon God’s law and convert to the Syrians’ religion.

Another idea is that Daniel could not have been written in the sixth century B. because the book contains a few words of Greek, the claim being that the Jews would have had no knowledge of Greek before the time of Alexander the Great.These empires were multiethnic in nature; Daniel’s positions would almost certainly have required at least some grasp or appreciation of languages.The second argument against the book of Daniel claims that it was written about 167 B. in order to encourage the Jews during the Syrian occupation of their country, when Antiochus Epiphanes sought to institute idol worship and pagan sacrifices in the temple at Jerusalem.Somewhere in his early years he came to believe that God was sovereign. But though the central character of the book is Daniel, the hero is God. The story, many claim, is nothing more than an interesting fable from ancient history, having nothing to do with our fast-paced and very different 21st-century world.Generations of us have been educated in a society that has accepted rationalism as the basis of all its education, literally as a religion in itself.

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