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These clasps have a spinning locking mechanism that hold the brooch securely in place.Early locking C clasps opened downwards, and more modern ones open upwards. It was widely used for jewelry designs in 1910 and remains popular today.

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This is a heavy wool sweater with a large gray A on it, with a yellow start beneath.The extra length of pin helped to secure the brooch to heavy Victorian fabrics.Trombone clasps are named after the musical instrument that requires a push and pull to operate.Just to confuse things, this is actually a repair job – a modern clasp fitting on a very old antique Victorian mourning brooch.Note the silver soldering, which gives the repair away – the roll-over clasp has been put on there as the original 120 year old c-clasp had broken off. Finally, the most important tip when learning to date vintage jewellery is to handle as many pieces as possible.

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