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Words and Photos by Sabia Mc Coy-Torres— When people think of Costa Rica, what usually comes to mind are exotic animals, lush jungle, and tropical beaches—a paradise waiting be indulged in.Rarely would one consider gritty port city streets, dancehall blasting from passing cars, and gunshots busting out for celebratory reasons.Far from most tourists’ radars, the Caribbean coastal province Limón is home to a deep-rooted Jamaican culture, the fruits of which continue to thrive today.In this part of Costa Rica, reggae has the music and style scene on lock.

From then until today, Limón and its people have been among the nation’s most neglected. This has given Limón a partially true reputation as being plagued with drug violence and an exaggerated and racist interpretation of its people as all being gun toting narco-traffickers.One of my meetings was with DJ Acon of Reggae Night Crew who broke down to me just how the whole reggae scene started.As we pulled up to Playa Piuta, a beach in Puerto Limón, Acon told me: “Ahhh this is like Jamaica.” When I ask what he means, he says on Sundays the beach is packed with black folk, chillin’, grillin’, and speaking English patois.On a DJ Acon mixtape, Beenie Man affectionately refers to him as “DJ Acon, a real Costa Rican black Chinee.” He places the birth of contemporary reggae in Costa Rica around the mid ’80s.Before the Internet, people transferred music the old school way… Being that Puerto Limón is a port city, cruise and cargo ships dock there, and workers on ships who went to Jamaica would bring back cassettes for their friends and family. DJs were able to set up reggae nights at various bars and clubs on the Caribbean coast.

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