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In the Anglo-Saxon period the area in which the hoard was found was a remote area of woodland and heath.

The immediate locality remained unenclosed waste with no field-names recorded even in the middle of the 19th century.

It is the boundary clauses attached to the forged so-called Wolverhampton foundation charter that tell us so much about the early medieval landscape.

They indicate the routeways crossing south Staffordshire - Watling Street , the road from Wolverhampton to Ogley - beginning as a made-up 'street' but crossing Pelsall as a 'hunter's path', possibly, too, the road running south-east from the Watling Street towards the Roman Ryknield Street. South Staffordshire charter routeways Some of the charter boundary landmarks of Ogley Hay are shown on Fig. The northern boundary followed the Watling Street and a further road, perhaps the old Chester road, formed part of the western boundary.

In medieval times (C13) Hammerwich was a straggling settlement with three recognisable foci: Overton, Netherton and Middleton (VCH Staffordshire XIV: 258-73).

Other wīc settlements in the immediate area were Bloxwich, 1086 'Blocc's ' (C10) (with Canes possibly from Gains Brook on its southern boundary; this name probably referred to its location north of the Watling Street - cf Sutton to the south? Topographical names here include Walsall C11 'Wahl's 1086, is unexplained - it may have been 'beautiful stone', or stone with a personal name.

In that region the seasonal pastures seem initially to have been held in common by the people within the various early folk regions, only gradually being acquired by specific manors and acquiring fixed boundaries.

This region was probably similar at this time to the Wealden dens of south-east England, with little permanent settlement at first.(Tipton is a strange addition to the Lichfield Domesday estates but with no earlier or later linkage known).The Wolverhampton estates are also listed in a spurious foundation charter of the minster (Sawyer 1968: S1380; Hooke 1983: 64-85) claiming to date from 996 (for 994), which lists the estates allegedly acquired by the minster when it was re-established.The Roman Watling Street was the most obvious man-made feature running through the area and was still in use in the Anglo-Saxon period (Champness 2008, 59).Here it was passing through a sparsely populated region.

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