Dating quitls

- Normal delivery times and rush fee guarantees don't apply.

Standard Christmas delivery is guaranteed if we receive your t-shirts by December 1st and you mark Christmas delivery on your order form. If your t-shirts arrive after December 1st and you select a rush fee on your order form, we will do our best to finish your quilt by Christmas.

If you have a shop or internet website and would like to carry the Quilt Restoration DVDs, give me a call to discuss our wholesale pricing. If this is the year you decide to take action, you are at the right website.We have resources for everyone from the accidental collector who inherited a family quilt, to the professional collector ready to undertake a thoughtful restoration job.In addition, the Quilt & Sewing Fest will present the finest collection of quilts, garments and fiber arts including the entries to the Tri-State Quilt Competition.Rounding out the event will be workshops presented by leading instructors, appraisals and demonstrations.

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