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About R7.6-billion is held in specially created unclaimed benefits preservation funds, and about R34.7-billion is held in occupational funds, or retirement funds, created by employers for their employees and which are active.

The Unpaid Benefits Campaign and fellow nongovernmental organisation Right2Know have publicly supported Hunter.The industry has not been pro-actively tracing individuals, particularly people who are hard to find, such as migrant workers from neighbouring countries.A secondary problem is that of “institutional mazes and bureaucracy”, which impedes beneficiaries when they try to claim the money owed to them, he said.Since 2007, more than R22-billion in unclaimed benefits has been paid out to almost one million beneficiaries, according to financial records supplied by funds to the registrar’s office.About R18-billion was paid out in the past five years, with an average of about R26 787 a member.

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