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Those people were not only attractive to me but seemed like the best bet.

Obviously confident people communicate clearly, right? Obviously when you’re just starting out in something, someone who has.

And when embarking on something that you’re completely new to, sometimes you don’t really know or understand what you need until you’re not getting it and it hurts.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong.

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It’s about an individual exchange and if they have always come up a little short handed, it might be what is showing.nother thing that beginner non-monogamous sources fail to really discuss is the fact that non-monogamous setups where an individual doesn’t spend a long time with any one individual but sees them rarely can allow for people who would normally be toxic and difficult to be around to have plenty of ‘functional’ relationships.

Like most advice, it’s much easier to give than it is to follow.

And what non-monogamous beginner resources fail to really take into account is that communication is actually really really hard, but not for the reasons they assume.

Negative feelings are sometimes a result of your needs not being met.

If your partner refuses to take you to your favourite restaurant and then takes someone new out on a date to that same restaurant, any rational human being is going to feel not so happy about that.

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