Dating like a french woman

The late Jim Snr's property kingdom has long since been taken by Nama.

***** Born in Basel, Katy moved with her family to Ireland when she was two.

At 8pm that night, Katy moved her stuff out of their apartment in Citywest.

It was a fin de siecle moment in Irish so-called high society.

It was certainly a metaphor for the beginning of the end of something in Ireland - something more than a engagement between two young people.

Even then, Katy's life seemed scripted by some Celtic Tiger ghostwriter.

After splitting with Marcus - who is, thankfully, now in a very happy place with his current partner - Katy continued to live the Celtic Tiger lifestyle.

She began seeing Jim Mansfield Jnr, son of the then super wealthy Jim Mansfield Snr.

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And more importantly, that a young woman is lying in her lonely grave, gone long before her time, at the age of 24. But her life and her legacy (a lofty word maybe for a 24-year-old model) deserves more than to be reduced simply to the unspeakable manner of her death.I am not trying to elevate Katy above the ordinary.It's just that because she was the subject of so much publicity, her life deserves to be put in context."The death of top model Katy French a few weeks ago from a cocaine overdose has finally woken Ireland up to the fact that we are in the middle of a cocaine epidemic.Cocaine use has now permeated all levels of Irish society, from the boardroom to the bar." Some nasty things were written and said about Katy after her death, which made us appear sometimes like a nation incapable of empathy, incapable of not judging.

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