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This law was not supposed to comport with religious customs; the entire of it is that religious customs such as these are very bad indeed.

While the median age of marriage in the US has crept up into the late twenties and early thirties, the laws that allow children to be married have stayed on the books and, sickeningly, in use.

Allen spent 40 days in the Atlantic County jail before posting bail on the charges.

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When Allen was stopped by a state trooper in Hamilton Township, Atlantic County, for an alleged illegal lane change, she voluntarily told the officer that she had the gun - which was loaded with hollow-point bullets - in her possession in the car.

New Jersey just raised the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21, joining California and Hawaii. Deli and convenience store owners opposed the bill, saying it would diminished the sales of their sandwiches and other products, according to North

New Jersey’s smoking age was already higher than most states after it previously made the minimum age to buy tobacco products 19 in 2005.

1, 2013, arrest on charges of illegally bringing a concealed weapon into the state, and in September agreed to enter a pretrial intervention program.

The program would have required her to give up her .380 caliber Bersa Thunder and complete 25 hours of community service to avoid jail time.

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