Dating for the poor

The concept is based on the notion that, in the event that such intellectual property were to be misused by a third party, the poor-man's copyright would at least establish a legally recognized date of possession before any proof which a third party may possess.

In countries with no central copyright registration authority, it can be difficult for an author to prove when their work was created. a copy could be deposited with a bank or solicitor. 408), registration of a work with the Copyright Office is not a prerequisite for copyright protection.

That’s because the amount of debt you owe can directly impact your credit scores.

(Plus, the primary accountholder is the one responsible for actually paying the bills.) Poor credit doesn’t have to doom a relationship.

In other words, if your beloved has bad credit, you’ll want to take steps to avoid damaging your own.

It can be challenging, but you can help your partner by understanding their situation and working together to create a credit improvement plan.

If you’re both committed to the relationship, you may want to merge finances and share financial decisions in the future.

If you apply together, your partner’s poor credit could result in higher interest rates, poor loan terms or even an outright rejection.

You should use your own good credit to negotiate the best terms.

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