Dating ettiquette

It’s not just about asking a bunch of questions; it’s about valuing a questioning attitude. Sort them alphabetically to make it easier on your eyes. Remember: The most effective way to attract people’s attention is to B-R-E-A-K their patterns.

” or “Ok, so, I just HAVE to ask…” Those words are money in the bank. WARNING: If you're an Oprah fan, you may not want to read it.

In his book, , my friend Dale Furtwengler suggests, “Gain an eclectic education.

Ask yourself what it is about this person that makes them so interesting.

(Like seeing some guy wearing a nametag at the gym, for example.) The challenge is to craft an idea, a message, or a look that when people are first exposed to it, they can’t help but respond with, “Huh? In the words of Kurt Vonnegut: “If you want to be a great writer, be a great date for your reader.” Here’s a on how to do this. If you want to expand your life, you must expand your references by pursuing ideas and experiences that wouldn't be a part of your life if you didn't consciously seek them out.” Remember: The more interesting experiences you have, the more interesting people you meet, the more interesting things you see, watch, hear, read, taste, the more interesting places you go, the more interesting you will become. How have you stepped out of your comfort zone this week? Explore the word “interesting.” It literally means: Engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity. A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something.

Speaking of books, I suggest you make a list called, “Top Ten Most Interesting Books I’ve Read.” Next to each one, write three attributes, actions or states of being that make those books so interesting. Extract the key ideas and then ask yourself how you can practice that in your own life. Are you making mindful choices for experiencing the world? Especially when it’s inconsistent with their environment. If you want make your thinking, writing and speaking more unique, relevant, persuasive, memorable, appealing and more creative, you need to pull material FROM, and cite examples USING multiple, eclectic and personal sources. In the book Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins said, “Limited references create a limited life. Something, such as a quality, subject, or activity that evokes this mental state. How interesting would your top 20 customers say you are? This exercise is how I began writing this very module on being interesting. What would an interesting person do in this situation? What would an uninteresting person do in this situation? “One of the surest ways to enrich life is to make experiences less fleeting.” If you do this, you WILL boost your creativity. Remember: Clients don’t want to hire consultants or marketers or coaches – they want to hire cool, smart people who happen to do those things.

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"If people aren't discussing your products, your services, your cause, your movement or your career, there's a reason.

Read and, if you practice what Brad practices, I guarantee you’ll become twice as interesting of person by the time you’re done.

So, every time you hear or read a question that makes you react in ANY way, write it down.

One of Edward De Bono’s most underrated books is called How to Have a Beautiful Mind. One person’s playful spirit brings out the same in another.

How are you giving people permission to be playful around you?

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