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Do you purposely keep your woman occupied with other things just so she can screw up her presentation the next day?

Well, these little acts could seem like a childish way to get back at a partner, but it’s actually a deeper psychological agenda to put down a partner, which in turn can bring both of you down.

Ever find yourself questions your own relationship and whether you’re doing the right thing by staying a relationship that gives you no joy?

Find out how to know if you are not in love anymore, and make up your mind on the next step towards happiness.

How to know if you are not in love While the emotion of falling in love is intense and blissful, the emotions of falling out of love can be just as intense.

When you’re falling out of love, the signs may not be clear at the beginning. Your partner irritates you Your partner may be watching the telly, preparing dinner, or just having a conversation on the phone.

[Read: Dealing with jealousy in a relationship] You have no respect for your partner When you lose respect for your partner, you wouldn’t think twice about yelling at them or even scorning them for a small mistake, even if there are others around.

When you think your partner’s a loser, a worthless slob or a despicable human, you definitely can’t be in love with them.

Love that is neglected can take on a shade of hate and anger, and eventually take a turn for the worse.You’re probably putting up with them only because you don’t want a drastic change in your lifestyle.You can’t really be in love with someone you don’t respect. [Read: How to stay in love forever] Other signs – Are you out of love?You’d know you’re not in love anymore if your partner just doesn’t excite you anymore.You’re only interested in yourself One of the signs of a happy relationship is the unconditional love that both lovers have for each other.

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