Dating agency for adults with learning disabilities

Moreover, SST works well together with medication for the treatment of depression.For the treatment of schizophrenia, social skills training has often been combined with pharmacotherapy, family therapy, and assertive case management .Social skills training has also been integrated with exposure therapy, cognitive restructuring, and medication in the treatment of social phobia.

Some studies indicate that the social skills training given to patients with shyness and social phobia can be applied to those with avoidant personality disorder, but more research is needed to differentiate among the particular types of social skills that benefit specific groups of patients, rather than treating social skills as a single entity.Depressed patients often benefit from learning to set limits to others, to obtain satisfaction for their own needs, and to feel more self-confident in social interactions.Research suggests that patients who are depressed because they tend to withdraw from others can benefit from social skills training by learning to increase positive social interactions with others instead of pulling back.Another goal of social skills training is improving a patient's ability to function in everyday social situations.Social skills training can help patients to work on specific issues—for example, improving one's telephone manners—that interfere with their jobs or daily lives.

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