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“I’m an ambitious person,” Maguire tells his first date. “The most important person in your life is yourself,” he admits to a third lady.

RELATED VIDEO: ‘Millionaire Dollar Matchmaker’s’ Patti Stanger on Working With ‘Out of the Box’ Client Courtney Stodden: ‘You Can’t Wrangle Her’ Having worked with narcissistic clients in the past, Stanger knows that they can be a challenge to coach because they are unaware of their behavior.

And as for how to go about keeping it all in tip-top shape south of the border? But you can do a landing strip, stars, pentagrams — I don’t give a shit." 2. Spontaneous summer trips are what summer memories are made of, so Stanger recommends being prepared for anything.

The love guru recommends getting artistic: “It’s stencil city,” she says of how best to use bikini wax strips (). “I like to have an ‘I woke up this way bag.’ So if I stay overnight, it’s like the perfect kit.

“Never bring up religion and politics,” says Stanger.

“You’ll get into a heated argument; most people do not generally agree, and when you go down that road you end up leaving the date quicker than not.” So if you’re jonesing for Jesus, or cuckoo for Christine O’Donnell, or outraged at Obama, Stanger advises to keep it to yourself, at least in the beginning.3. Negative Nelly.” Your date doesn’t need to hear about your former life as a coke-sniffing prostitute.

“I’m setting up Daniel with a bunch of potential blind dates and it’s all about making that best first impression to see if he’s going to lead with his narcissistic ways or is he going to be a nice, humble guy,” Stanger explains before adding with an eyeroll, “right.” FROM COINAGE: The Most Expensive TV Shows of All Time As Maguire readies to begin his test, where he will sit and chat with multiple potential matches, he is advised to “get to know each and every one of them, and at the end, you get to present the first impression rose to one lucky lady.” “It feels great to have the power and to be giving out the rose,” Maguire admits.

“I’ve been in the situation before where it was the other way around and it kind of sucks.” But just as Stanger fears, Maguire’s narcissism surfaces immediately.

If you’re into blonde surfer guys and she likes nerdy Jewish guys, go out with her. If you find someone who likes the same thing as you, you’ll be competitive and you will slay that dragon. “Studies have shown that those who travel in packs do not attract, so two or less.” And if you’re curious to know where to find a new beau while on your own, Stanger’s got the answer: “Where there’s meat, there’s men.” Read more Moschino's Resort 2016 Nails, Decoded 5. According to Stanger, chemistry is 90 percent body language, and she recommends looking to the women in Asia for body language inspiration.

Read more Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Celebrate North's Second Birthday at Disneyland 3. “Make a good single girlfriend,” says Stanger of the best single-lady tactics for finding Mr. “You know Mindy Kaling was saying recently she can’t make a friend — like, ‘I’ll be your friend’ — anyway, she’s saying how hard it is to find friends later in life, let alone find a husband.

And I think it’s great if you have a single friend that’s really for you." But Stanger warns that finding a lady friend with opposite tastes is key — or else things could get ugly.

“If you continue not to give the girl Saturday night, after two times, she knows she’s not your top-tier girl,” says Stanger.

“And if she’s got spine and she loves herself, she’ll be like ‘No way am I going out with him again unless it’s a Saturday night.’ ” Guys, it doesn’t matter if you happen to really love Justin Timberlake’s appearances on Saturday Night Live and can’t bear to spring for Ti Vo. “Saturday night is where the top seed gets, that’s the girlfriend material.

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