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It was getting more and more passionate by the second and I have to admit, I loved the teasing.

I realized then that all of us are suckers for anticipation.

Hugo’s manner put me at ease immediately, so I laughed and asked him if he was Argentinian. He took my face into his hand and brought his face to mine.

We were quite sick, actually I think we had a fever, but I forced her to leave the house for a ‘drink’ which turned into another drink and yet another drink…

I guess Enrique Iglesias thinks love is the synonym for fuck. After taking it down (again) he moved closer to me and I slightly leaned back on the car behind me. But he clearly enjoyed torturing me, knowing the power he had over me.

Finally we got out and as I looked around I realized that Hugo lived five minutes away from me in a building ironically called “Madrid”. He simply knew that he oozed sex appeal and that meant more than a leather jacket and a motorcycle combined. He had a feel of the ‘bad boy’ but he didn’t try to act like one.Spanish men are no doubt attractive, flirtatious, often funny and charming, while at the same time being gentlemen.The biggest advantage of dating a Spanish guy is perhaps the passion that he will bring to the relationship - be prepared for lots of flirting, elaborate courtship, and fun during dating!

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