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Even full-time bargirls often saw hooking as a temporary stopgap, and were looking to get out.For the last few years, we've mostly been getting the bottom of the barrel hardcore hookers who don't really want or see a way out, have major issues are not good enough to snag a BF / husband (even among the gullible Farang) and have resigned to the fact that they can't cope with the "normal" world anymore.I think some of these gals are going to have a bit of a struggle as they get into their 30's and put on 10 kilos.I have found that having got used to doing pretty girls and girls with great bodies, there is just no excitement coming from a naked girl with a sloppy body or disaster body. Still having a great preference for enthusiastic girls, or even shy girls that let themselves go.I am sure the problem is mine in that I can get put off the experience more and more easily, where a young guy is so horny, almost nothing will upset his enjoyment. LOL Dick scared girls have got more and more prevalent. Probably just means the girls do not have the same mindset to enjoy themselves. I don't know if that is just from being a smart worker or she really is into it a bit. Maybe the attitude to guys looking for P4 P has changed a lot.

Had some great girls from Thermae many years ago but not in the modern day.

If I was less concerned about the perfect body, might work better for me.

Sure some girls are giving inviting glances, but typically not the girls I want, or they are just too covered up to see the body well enough.

Soi 4 has a lot of girls on the street with less than great bodies.

Isn't that easy to find a girl there with a great body and also enthusiasm and good GFE. Just try them all and if no good, not so much money blown.

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