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"Crawl you cow sluts," the whips rose and fell once more on their unprotected backs as they followed the receptionist out to the back of the warehouse where a long box waited.

"Get in the box sluts," they had no choice they got in lying face up they screamed the box was electrified the lid was closed muffling their screams.

He remembered the feeling of arousal he'd felt watching it he just never thought he'd have it done to him.

"He's a good little cunt licker, maybe that's what Mistress Sabrina will turn him into a living bidet.

"Ah, yes, we've been expecting these two low-life's.

Follow me," the guards forced Margaret and James to their knees.

He'd made all his friends think that he was loyal to them he didn't have one ounce of loyalty to them they to him were just dupes.

"Margaret Peters stop that idiotic squawking you brought this on yourself. James Arthur you are without doubt the most heinous of monsters except for those who offend against children.

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