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Be lucky you weren't permanently banned, and may this serve as warning to anyone else that you won't get away with it.

It's unfair to everyone else to AFK bot and plenty of it has gone on.

Double Loot and and Double Credits also active during this time, after Halloween - donations will be completely closed off until closer to the end of the year. Please make this time of year a warm celebration and remembrance of Hunter.

Also please have Hunter's wife, Isa in your prayers (if you will) as she has a type 5 typhoon hitting the Phillipines very soon Hello EZ players!

The changes in this roll-out are massive, but I will keep details high level for now.

We haven't updated since January for various reasons, we don't normally wait more than 2-3 months.

Per Rogean: There will be an extended downtime on Friday, September 30th starting around 1 or 2 AM and lasting several hours, affecting the following: EQEmulator Website and Loginserver, Project 1999 Website and Game servers, PEQ Game Server, EZ Game Server, Tak P Game Server - Akkadius: Fixed an issue where clients would crash with health marquee's- Akkadius: Fixed issues with NPC's "ghosting" when they path- Akkadius: Overhauled worldserver logging- Akkadius: Pets now don't actually spawn until the player has fully entered the zone (Live-like)- demonstar/KLS: Adjusted some background workings on how spell buff tics are synced with the client- Uleat: Optimizations to map loading and zone times- Uleat/Akkadius: Fixed bandolier exploit where you could equip a 2H and Shield- Demonstar55: Re-worked spell re-use timer logic- Demonstar55: Source optimizations all over, crash fixes- Demonstar55: Fixed some issues with illusions on zoning- Demonstar55: Fixed some client DOT stacking bugs- Demonstar55: Invis will now break on AA spell casts and item cast- Demonstar55: Changed how Loot response code works- Demonstar55: Implemented 3 additional spell gems with (Mnemonic Retention)- Demonstar55: Instant spells now have instrument mods- Demonstar55: Rate limit character saves- Demonstar55: Made it so items no longer do TGB (Live-like) Rule implemented to disable- Demonstar55: Set pet buffs to 30As usual if you notice any issues as a result of this patch, please report them on the forums.-Akka - Augmentation sealer should now give players back their item if they accidently hand in anything but a type 22 augment- Magelo has been updated to reflect AA's purchased on characters, thanks Maudigan from Spell: Theft of Survival III will now be Level 75 (T5) versus the Level 77 it was before- Level Up Wench will now appropriately check for T10 completion, flagging players and leveling appropriately now- PVP in Overthere has been re-enabled- For now, Ultimate Weapon bans from PVP are disabled- Pathing: Zones northkarana, skyfire, sro, jaggedpine, sunderock (T10), oldcommons (T9) should all be prevented from having NPC's pathing into the ground- Ho H: Added some extra checks to make sure that boss ' Shadow' clears aggro when he shadow steps- Shield of the Ages Rank 56-60 Recipes are now implemented- T9: Made an adjustment where Army of Light NPC's will not attack clients, especially under circumstances where the player assist the NPC's in fighting opposite faction NPC's- Fixed an issue with Shadow where he would be unpullable in buildings/floors/etc Just letting you guys know that life has been extremely busy since the July 4th week, I do plan on knocking out a hefty list of things here soon and will be bulldozing through bugs and some other items as well.

It is the tail end of summer, where most emulator servers get slow as people finish up enjoying the summer doing other things.

In a few very short weeks it will be fall, and everyone will be getting the mad itch to play again! Double Loot will be on today Saturday (7/15/2017) until the 4AM reboot due to the server being in disarray from some bad code this morning.

117 Accounts and 303 characters are now suspended for a week that were associated with anyone that had been AFK botting.

Consider this an extremely FAIR warning - this offense has historically been bannable.

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