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He was an introvert, a social recluse of sorts that wanted to keep his desires hidden from everyone, including himself. Not just any slut, a slut of the most insatiable, perverted, depraved kind.

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She draped her legs over his and he instinctively began to massage her silken calves.

She was taking a chance that he wouldn't show but she was betting that the chemistry and the desperation he felt to fulfill his desires would be motivation enough for him to make the leap into the unknown.

She positioned herself at the far end of the bar at a table where she could see him enter.

Before you leave, think about everything that we've been through to get to this point, are you willing to throw it all away for a dance? Brian couldn't even discern his own thoughts at that moment.

Think of all the nights online where your heart felt like it was pounding out of your chest and you were begging me to use you in any way possible. Brian knew his defensiveness was transparent but he had to maintain his façade of defiance if only for his own sense of well-being. All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind about what the two of them had in mind for him.

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