Cambodia dating scams

In many cases, the victim will not only have lost out financially, but will also be left broken-hearted and thoroughly disillusioned.

These scammers tend to prey on victims that may be especially lonely, shy or isolated and therefore more vulnerable.

There are a great many quite legitimate dating service websites that allow members to establish online relationships.

Do you really know who you may have met or been introduced to on the internet? Did they really go to school, work, and have a good background?

We can help to make sure you really understand about that special someone.

The Background Check Package provides you with a detailed background check, including: * Identity Check (Name, Age, Birthplace) * Lifestyle Check * Marital Status Verification * Child Status Verification * Address Check * Employment Verification * Education Verification * Criminal Record Check (optional) * Asset Valuation (optional) as well as pictures and/or video.

Contact a Vietnam private investigator to get to the truth!

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