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Herewith, everything we observed and overheard over the course of the 66th annual Tony Awards, starting with rehearsals and ending at an after-after-party hosted by O&M. Overheard: "I feel like I'm going to the slaughterhouse." a.m. "You know what they say about the third time — three's a crowd. A stagehand walks backstage with a lawn mower and stows it in the holding area to the confusion of one of the production team members: “Why is there a lawn mower here? When Paul Rudd jokes that he must have lost his index cards in a bodega, he might be serious: He's giving a completely different speech than what was read by his stand-in from a teleprompter during rehearsal. A scruffier than usual Jesse Tyler Ferguson poses for photos with a young girl who is working for the Tony Awards. Someone asks Neil Patrick Harris where his Champagne is, to which he responds, "Where's my Laphroaig?

(Callbacks: another reason he makes a good host.) p.m. Christopher Plummer is given the wrong index card: He's supposed to rehearse presenting for actresses, but all the names are male actors. Wanna bet that if Matthew Broderick were late, they would let him in? Enda Walsh wins best book for a musical for Once — luckily for the censors, it's in the pre-telecast, since his first words are, "Holy shit! Neil Patrick Harris axes his first joke of the evening: Gone is a series of quips about what comes in threes that he used in rehearsal (referring to his third time hosting the Tonys). "You know it’s a boring year on Broadway when you can't tell the difference between Evita, Newsies, Once, or Jesus Christ Superstar,” one says. Turns out this group of fourties villagers is from Evita. ) He keeps looking over to Philip, perhaps to make sure he's okay.

"I'll eat the floor," he says, nibbling a marzipan tile, while he tells Vulture he was sitting behind Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who accused him of photo-bombing them.

She adorably says “Congratulations” when a Tonys employee says to her, “Congratulations.” Still in shock! As Neil Patrick Harris hangs upside down in a Spider-Man pose, Andrew Garfield laughs and shakes his head. Porgy and Bess dancer Trevon Davis strips down to his boxers for a quick costume change backstage. But it's not just a Tony party — it's also a birthday party for set designer Bob Crowley (Aida, Mary Poppins), who turned 60 today. "I think Neil is so talented, but I really want to host the show," he laughs. I'm always willing and able to come out to New York and do that, if they'll have me." a.m.Once director John Tiffany pretends to bitchslap Cristin Milioti. “Tweenboppers” rejoice: Legally Blonde has arrived on Broadway! Kathy Najimy complements our cleavage: "That's a great gown! Nice Work If You Can Get It writer Joe Di Pietrio suggests a lyric for the recap song: "Matthew Broderick made the audience laugh their ass off/He should have been nominated instead of being cast off." p.m.She immediately types away on her phone, presumably updating her Facebook profile picture. Judith Light exits the stage doors with her Tony clutched tightly in her hand. " He then toasts with the single malt scotch instead. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are still trapped near the stage. But no, my friend gave me these and they are just so comfy! Harvey Fierstein, who is hanging out under the stairs, tells Vulture how he loves all the crying at the Tonys, because "there's too much Botox" at beauty pageants, so they can't show as much emotion anymore.

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