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Gypsy was so well-loved by the staff there that she was chosen for that honor.

A cousin of Gypsy's from down in Louisiana told the Springfield newspaper that the young woman was a "ticking time bomb." Bobby Pitre said Blanchard, his aunt, forced her daughter to act like she was disabled, going so far as to shave her head to fake the leukemia and making her take seizure medication that caused her teeth to fall out. I have never heard you talk like that," said another.

"I was so disgusted with the woman," Pitre said of Blanchard, whom he had not spoken to in about 15 years. Someone - again allegedly Gypsy - shot back with, "I (expletive) SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER...

"I could not believe what she was doing." Even if Pitre was not shocked by Blanchard's slaying, her friends in Springfield certainly were. Arnott told local media on Tuesday that Gypsy wrote that post, which was traced back to a computer at Godejohn's home. HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO (expletive) LOUD LOL." Friends in Missouri and Louisiana panicked and notified police.

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