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They're the kind that don't seem offensive on the surface, so’s messages range from innocuous to extreme.

The creators’ hope is that people can engage with long enough to bridge the gap between the two.

An October 2015 report from the Pew Research Center called "Teens, Technology and Romantic Relationships" found that 35% of teen girls ages 13-17 blocked or unfriended someone who was flirting in a way that made them uncomfortable. According to an earlier Pew report from October 2014, "Online harassment is especially pronounced at the intersection of gender and youth: Women ages 18-24 are more likely than others to experience some of the more severe forms of harassment." Women are also more likely to be harassed on social media (73%) than men (59%).

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The chatbot is connected to a database with more than 100 responses.” When I talked to people about, a question that came up, mostly from men, was whether actually aligned with my and my peers’ personal experiences.Even with @tindernightmares, it’s hard for some people to believe these conversations are real. The creators wanted to explore the chat situation because they were curious if online platforms really provide anonymity, and if it's actually different than "just having a conversation with someone who is acting like a douche." The creators said .For men, it's a chance to see what it's like on the other side.These conversations aren't new experiences, nor do they happen only in online spaces, but they have become more visible with the proliferation of dating apps and research studying online harassment.

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