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In the first volume, "The Hidden Life", 43 chapters have been translated into Chinese and published in 2006.

In addition, Valtortas precise descriptions of the natural topography of Palestine from numerous locations and the information about the outside pagan world of that day, including people, places, customs, Greek and Roman mythology, related in the conversations of that day, are strikingly correct."Founder of the Blue Army of Fatima (25 million members at its peak).

Click the link below for videos, posters, and information about the French, Italian, and Australian Valtorta conferences: Experience the detailed scenes and life-changing words and parables of Jesus as revealed to the Italian Catholic mystic Maria Valtorta.

Excerpts are taken from her greatest work, The Poem of the Man-God (also known as The Gospel as Revealed to Me)Valtortas visions are the only Private Revelations to attain a Papal Order to Publish.

He was declared venerable by the Holy See in 1994 and his decree of beatification was promulgated in 2002 by Pope John Paul II.

If the tomb of Saint Peter is really in the Torpignattara catacomb (catacombs of St. Marcellinus in Via Casilina in Rome) where Maria Valtorta was told by Heaven it was, rather than in Vatican Hill, it would probably be the biggest archaeological find in the history of Christianity.

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