Are raj and stewart dating

They recently had a child together (smart Coco, if things go south, you get the alimony and child support). Jessica Seinfeld – Sein-language Jessica Sklar was returning from a three-week amazing honeymoon in Italy with her husband Eric Nederlander, a theater producer, when she met Jerry Seinfeld at the Reebok Sports Club in late 1998.They have been featured in reality shows together and Coco has admitted she enjoys being “a slave” to her husband. Sklar later claimed that she and her husband were going through issues.They, as is normal with trophy wives, have a significant age difference.The 26-year spread is the first thing that catches your eye. Alice Kim – Moonstruck Alice Kim was one of the many attractive waitresses who worked in Los Angeles. Cage was just coming off the divorce of his second marriage to wife Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley.On a side note, they carry a measly 17-year age difference. In fact, many of them, providing they are with younger aged men, end up on the wrong end of the trophy scandal.Nordegren was a beautiful Swedish former nanny when she ran into Tiger Woods. Vanessa Bryant – Staying Power When Kobe Bryant was launching up to NBA stardom, a young girl caught his eye – as in a 17-year-old girl.Sadly, Deng got tired of the much older Murdoch and reportedly went flocking for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He has been married four times; the fourth with a sexy former flight attendant named Kayte Walsh.

It’s as inevitable as the birds flying south for the winter.Again, Vanessa, the handbook says you need to get the man a little older. Wendi Deng – “Newsie’ One of the hallmarks of being a successful trophy wife is not being the first one to the party. The actual “Trophy Wife (TW) Guidelines” calls for the young aspiring TW to come swooping in after the wealthy man is already settled in with someone else.This is exactly the case with Wendi Deng and news mogul Rupert Murdoch.His relationship with Walsh was made official with the announcement that she was pregnant. They got divorced February 10, 2011, two weeks before Grammer got married for the fourth time to Walsh. Penny Lancaster-Stewart – Rock Fetish Rod Stewart is a rock legend.Only problem is Grammer was still married to his third wife at the time. Thus, we can hardly blame Penny Lancaster for wanting a piece of the well-known ladies man.

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