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The car uses small cameras installed on the elegant scissor doors instead of ORVM’s to minimise drag. The body shell hanging on the showcases monocoque construction technique employed in the construction of the body shell of the Volkswagen Phaeton.

The combined power output of the compact 800cc TDI two-cylinder common rail diesel engine and the electric motor is 75 PS and the car weighs just 795 kgs.t The profile of the car has been honed in the wind tunnel has a remarkable co-efficient of drag figure of 0.186 ( an incredible engineering feat).

Her nap interval is lost to her cognition and awareness. Today we are interested only in its northern wall with the famous panel of the Procession of the Dukes (or the Procession of Princes).

Several centuries, all representative of the Wettin Dynasty, move along the Augustusstrasseon their noble horses. This unique piece of artwork was created in Dresden in 1589.

In the mid 1500s by the order of Augustus, Elector of Saxony, a deep well (152 m) was drilled through solid rock on the site creating an important condition for the construction of a fortress.

The conversion of the castle into a fortress was done in 1589 by Elector Christian I, who continually improved the old armory and the fortress’s defense.

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