Am i dating a bad boy

He doesn’t text, he doesn’t call, and he doesn’t answer any of your messages (which hopefully weren’t very many).Then, days or weeks later, he’s back out of the blue, asking you to hang out.“This is a guy who has very poor self-esteem and cannot stand the idea that a woman would end a relationship with him, even if he was a jerk with her,” concludes Dr. “He has to criticize his exes as a rationalization for why they’re not together anymore, implying that he broke up with them – not the reverse.” No one likes listening to a whiner, and why hang around a guy who only focuses on the negative?Chances are he’d say similar things about you if you were to date and break up, and you definitely don’t want to be the next ex whose dirty laundry he airs in public.Or, at least, you're not very high on his priority list.

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It isn’t until the next weekend, when it happens all over again, that you think to yourself, “Why didn’t he make plans with me earlier?

” Katrina, a recent grad of the University of Connecticut, once asked herself the same question.

“My ex-boyfriend used to bad-mouth some of my closest friends to me – he even unfriended some of them on Facebook! “As a girl who considers my friends one of my best assets, I will never put up with that attitude again! Whether they’re witty, friendly, or wonderful wingwomen, they’ve earned your stamp of approval. ” Erica, a recent grad of the University of Michigan, isn’t a fan of the nicknaming.

If a guy says your friends aren’t worth your time, he’s not just questioning them; he’s also questioning your judgment. He guards his phone with his life It’s the most obvious sign in the trouble-spotting handbook: if a guy is secretive about or protective of his phone, he probably has something to hide. “And the worst part is that if you sneak a peek and he catches you, he’ll become infuriated and blame you for not trusting him – even if you were right and his texts show he’s got a secret girlfriend on the side who he seems to like a lot more than you.” If your guy is ignoring phone calls and texts, paranoid about letting you scroll through his pictures, and just acting sketchy in general, he probably has a skeleton in his closet. “This new guy I met a few weeks ago refers to me as ‘sweetheart’ and ‘babe’ and I don’t like it,” she admits. [It] makes me feel like he doesn’t actually care about me and is just trying to be cute.” The important thing to remember is that, though it may be an adorable name, it isn’t your name.

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