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In addition, CIA Careers has moved to a new location within the Web site Please use the links or the search form below to find the information you seek.British arms giant BAE Systems has reportedly made huge sales of sophisticated surveillance technology to repressive regimes across the Middle East, which could be used to threaten the UK’s own national security.

Trump Approval Hits Record Low 32%; GOP In Crisis After Moore Upset Loss; Pres. Aired 9-10p ET • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Calls on President Trump to Resign; Candidates Moore, Jones Make Final Pitches to Alabama Voters. Aired 9-10p ET • President Trump Speaks at Pensacola Rally; Friend Corroborates Leigh Corfman's Allegations Against Roy Moore; NY Times: FBI Warned Pres.They also arbitrarily arrest and prosecute political and trade union activists.Last year, Qatari authorities closed down an independent news website and they have detained and interrogated journalists who attempted to report on the conditions of migrant living conditions.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.• President Trump Claims Russia Dossier "Bogus", FBI "Tainted'; President Trump Takes Aim At Top FBI Officials.

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