Adventists dating non adventists

But shouldn't leaving and staying should be based on belief in one's heart and not solely on the words or actions of other people?

These past two years I've dealt with political walls in my mission to make Adventist universities safe for LGBT students.

Adventists keep Sabbath more like Jews than like other Christians, and community around Sabbath is a core component of this faith.Although it's true that I've been condemned, ex-communicated (although we Seventh-day Adventists don't officially practice it) and hurt by Seventh-day Adventist people, I understand that they are human.Truly people of any faith or religion will be given many reasons to leave at the hands of others.Music ministry is my passion: singing in the pews since I was 3 years old, playing the flute in orchestras and singing in choirs.I have been connected to this religion my entire life.

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