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Urine testing shows Americans have ten times the glyphosate accumulation as Europeans.

If you intend to mostly fly short haul, BA may be preferable as it has its “Reward Flight Saver” option, which let’s you fly to European destinations from as little as 9,000 Avios plus £35. CAVEAT – this only works if you have a decent credit rating and ALWAYS pay off your balance in full at the end of each month (if you don’t, then DO NOT do this – the interest rates on miles-earning cards are astonishingly high, so if you’re in the habit of running a balance, then you should be looking at a low-interest-rate card, not one of these – or no card at all, perhaps). Various credit cards (mainly Amex Gold, Amex Platinum, SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) Amex, BA Amex, and various airline-branded cards from MBNA, including Virgin, Etihad, Emirates and American Airlines) offer a chunk of air miles when you sign up and get accepted for them, usually around 10,000 – 35,000 miles depending on the card.

Even worse, she notes, additional chemicals in Roundup are untested because they’re classified as“inert,”these chemicals are capable of amplifying the toxic effects of Roundup hundreds of times over.

Glyphosate is present in unusually high quantities in the breast milk of American mothers, at anywhere from 760 to 1,600 times the allowable limits in European drinking water.

Monsanto says humans don’t have this shikimate pathway, so it’s perfectly safe. Seneff points out, however, that our gut bacteria have this pathway, and that’s crucial because these bacteria supply our body with crucial amino acids.

Roundup thus kills beneficial gut bacteria, allowing pathogens to grow; interferes with the synthesis of amino acids including methionine, which leads to shortages in critical neurotransmitters and folate; chelates (removes) important minerals like iron, cobalt and manganese; and much more.

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