Adult chat network join the gang

But in 2017 so far, only 10 pharmacy robberies have been reported statewide.

Minkler pointed to aggressive federal prosecutions to explain the drop in the past 18 months.

He's married and has children, a job and a mortgage.

"The days of The Mob ruling the neighborhood are over."The Mob operated in the neighborhoods surrounding Crown Hill Cemetery, creating a culture of fear and silence for the residents who watched children enticed into the enterprise. P." In another post, a gang member wrote, "We the murder rate."Gang members would rob CVS and Walgreen's pharmacies at gunpoint, stealing hundreds of tablets of Adderall, Xanax, Ritalin, Oxy Contin and other pharmaceuticals.Yet he wanted to be "part of something.""I have done some things that I wasn't proud of and I'm not proud of today," he said."But I know I had to go through them to get to where I am now."This includes robbery, drugs and shooting someone during a dice game when he was 13."It was more fear than me being a person wanting to do this," he recalled about pulling the trigger.They called the children "peons" and put them to work, writing on social media: "(Expletive) school, sell dope A. They would then sell them on the streets, fueling an opioid epidemic that has resulted in hundreds of overdose deaths in Indiana.The gang, in part, contributed to Indiana leading the nation in pharmacy robberies in 20, posting 168 and 78 respectively.

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