Accommodating exceptionally able students

I will definitely be urging any of my friends to follow in my footsteps.Joe, thank you for making the information so easy to understand! I came into this class knowing a lot about the construction industry.You were an excellent teacher, with relating the material and explaining how to use it. I chose your school over schools in West Virginia much closer to home because as a tradesman I know the hands-on is how you learn and retain the knowledge. This is one course I wish I would have known about 15 years ago. I also look forward to having a mentor as I launch my business. I am very satisfied with the training that was provided by Joseph. Hope people that come through think the way I did about the Home Spection Training Institute. A good class and Joe is very passionate about his school and the students. Todd is also very helpful and I appreciate that as well. I enjoyed the hands on training and attention to detail. I know I have the knowledge I need to be successful.I am a retired firefighter from the city of Cleveland and this course would have been beneficial during my tenure there. He explained everything with precision and professionalism. I can't thank you enough for all the improvements you have done for this community by starting this school. Thank you, Joe, for going above and beyond in training and teaching us to be the best in this field. I feel that what was learned will be very helpful in my new career. Very presentable, the school with hands on training was great.I've learned a lot about houses and I didn't know anything about a house at all! I appreciate all of the information I've learned during this class. It expanded my knowledge base on what I already had experience in and taught me many new things I did not know. I feel that after this class, I will be very successful.I look forward to continuing my education through the certification in other related classes as well. I'm very excited I had the opportunity to attend this class and be taught by such a knowledgeable teacher. I got to experience being taught by the #1 teacher instead of only hearing about how great the school is. I have confidence in my new skills and look forward to practicing with the hands on portion. I would recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about becoming a professional Home Inspector.I'm excited to see where this education and knowledge will take me in my home inspection career. I believe taking this course has set me up for success in my new business venture. I appreciate the willingness of Joe to help all of us with any questions or problems.

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Joe was helpful and always took the time to explain what I didn't understand.

The printed material was detailed in every aspect of home systems and photos helped to clarify everything. The instructor was very direct and the hands-on support was awesome. This class has taught me a lot about home inspection and how homes should be constructed.

I would recommend the Home Spection Training Institute for anyone looking to get in the inspection industry. There is nothing they would not take the time to answer or explain. I learned more in this course than I could have imagined.

Your continuance and dedication to your students is inspirational.

It's really nice to be taught by someone who has been there and has real field experience, and not just book knowledge.

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