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Wearing black leggings and a black jumper, Humphreys cried as her crimes were laid bare in the court.

Defending, Steven Levy said: "This defendant at the age of 21 was given responsibility of a considerable amount of money and was a very mature person having gotten married at a very young age.

"This was restricted for day to day management for the parent's expenses and not for personal gain or use." However the court heard that Humphreys had taken money from their account to pay for her bills after her husband had been made redundant.

The couple noticed their money was missing when they tried to pay for their other daughter, Gail, to join them in Spain but there was not enough in their account to buy a ticket.

"Her husband had been made redundant several times and she was struggling financially. She tried to sell the house to pay back her debt but her husband blocked this.

because a woman was screaming and there was possibly a car crash.

By the time officers arrived, the victim and the offender had already left the scene.

A woman who stole her parents' life savings and used their credit cards while they were on holiday has been jailed.

Melissa Humphreys, 33, from Essex, has been sentenced to three years after she defrauded her elderly parents Elizabeth, 70, and Terence Fordham, 80, out of £130,000.

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