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The Accept-Encoding request-header field is similar to Accept, but restricts the content-codings (section 3.5) that are acceptable in the response. If the content-coding is one of the content-codings listed in the Accept-Encoding field, then it is acceptable, unless it is accompanied by a qvalue of 0.(As defined in section 3.9, a qvalue of 0 means "not acceptable.") 4.

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"gzip" and "compress") are preferred; some older clients improperly display messages sent with other content-codings.This field allows clients capable of understanding more comprehensive or special- purpose character sets to signal that capability to a server which is capable of representing documents in those character sets. Each charset MAY be given an associated quality value which represents the user's preference for that charset. An example is The special value "*", if present in the Accept-Charset field, matches every character set (including ISO-8859-1) which is not mentioned elsewhere in the Accept-Charset field.If no "*" is present in an Accept-Charset field, then all character sets not explicitly mentioned get a quality value of 0, except for ISO-8859-1, which gets a quality value of 1 if not explicitly mentioned.Future media types are discouraged from registering any parameter named "q".SHOULD be interpreted as "I prefer audio/basic, but send me any audio type if it is the best available after an 80% mark-down in quality." If no Accept header field is present, then it is assumed that the client accepts all media types.

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