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Because if so, then yes.” []I got in, did the chemistry read, it went amazing. What kind of stuff did you put on tape for a project like this? She is, like, the sweetest, wackiest, most amazing woman, and she was going all the way in, so it allowed me to go all the way in. You never know, when you’re working with someone who’s a genius in their field, you don’t want to tamper too much unless you know you can. I tore off my shoes and threw them against the wall—I just totally went for it.

Will was very sweet and supportive; I kind of beat him up in the audition, and threw him around the room a little, and he let me. I know there were a lot of people up for it, and I know it was all God. Once I put myself on tape, when I got there in person, Adam was like, “Just go for it. I think I might have punched Will in the stomach by accident, too.

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CHARLOTTE YORK Forget your "type." After two decades of dating men who met the requirements on her list -- tall, dark, handsome and WASP-y - Charlotte found the fulfilling relationship she longed for in the most unexpected form: her short, hairy, bald, Jewish divorce attorney, Harry. Since we met Carrie Bradshaw's character over a decade ago, we've followed her romantic adventures through a series of relationships - most notably Berger, The Russian, Aidan and, of course, Mr. Her inquisitive mind is both her biggest asset (her witty banter makes her a masterful flirt) and her greatest liability (she over-thinks).Aniya, dati na niyang kakilala si Valdepenas at niyaya lamang siya ng doktor na makipagkamustahan sa isang binggohan.Nadamay rin sa pag-aresto ang driver ng doktor na si Raymond Valle.The lesson here: love doesn't always come to you in the way you expect, so keep an open mind and heart or you might just miss it. Still, no matter how many times she's been hurt or disappointed in past relationships, Carrie gives all of her heart to the man she loves.Most of us can't help but carry around some emotional baggage from the past. Bradshaw and decide that you don't need to drag a giant suitcase full of regret behind you, but instead take the pearls of wisdom you've gained from your experiences and carry them in an adorable (designer, of course) clutch, ready to apply to your very fabulous present.

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