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A website called Supplier claims that the company falls under the umbrella of the Yigou International Group, which allegedly owns Sammy and Dress The types of complaints reported on the website included: “missed lead times, lack of labor and environmental compliance, scams and other unethical activities.” Complaints from users on sites like Ripoff and range from shipments that took a month to arrive, or didn’t arrive at all.But aside from that, my purchase fit fine and nothing was wrong with it!

I did find out that it was located in Shenzhen, China.Placing the Order I took a leap and placed an order for a hooded coat (below), which I had been meaning to buy for weeks.Although, Rosegal’s website says it is trusted, I used Pay Pal to complete my payment. This is what I ordered: The Order Process I placed the order on Nov.Gordon was initially believed to be "DNP," so it's a step in the right direction.It's still possible, if not likely, that Gordon comes down to a game-time call against the Raiders. Despite the back-to-back DNPs, the Bolts anticipate Gordon returning and being limited on Friday.

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